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Hypnosis, Trick or Magic??

Hypnosis or hypnotic in Indonesia very closely with negative values. Whether associated with the occult and mystical, or considered dangerous because people often use it in criminal action. In fact, if applied correctly, hypnosis has a wide variety of benefits.
Hypnosis has the benefit of psychiatric problems, drug addiction, to streamline the body. Even in the Western world, hypnosis has been used as an alternative method of anesthesia. Patients to be operated on a doctor can choose hypnotized to not feel pain anymore.
In Indonesia, hypnosis has been present long enough. In fact, the organization of The Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH), which overshadow the hypnotist or hypnotherapist in Indonesia has been established since 2002. However, due to the psychological condition of people who are very attached to things related to mystical, hypnosis is also difficult to accept. Moreover, many crimes committed with the misuse of hypnosis.
Anyway, Hypnosis is becoming a trend since the past few years. Can not be denied, the emergence of television programs that are guided into the gap until Romy Rafael hypnosis can be accepted by society. The reason, Romy hypnosis into an entertainment package, so the action was witnessed the whole society. Romy said he wanted to introduce hypnosis through entertainment because of the poor assumption in Indonesia. He wants to also introduce the positive side of hypnosis.
Hypnosis then exploded into something new in Indonesia. Indeed, many have disrespect it. However, at least some already began to believe. Indonesia explosion of hypnosis in a positive impact on hypnotherapist who has been struggling in this area for long. Among NSK Nugroho from clinic HypnoCare and Mukti of Diamond in You Hypnotherapy clinic. Both are struggling in this world before hypnosis becomes a trend. Even Nugroho is one of the founders and members of the IBH and has been a member of two international hypnotherapist organization, the National Guild of Hypnotist and International Association of Counselors and therapists as a certified hypnotherapist. (To Be Continued)

Source: Irawati Diah Astuti, Suara Pembaruan


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